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Introducing EzeAs Fixing Tape – the revolutionary adhesive solution that will change the way you organize and decorate! This cutting-edge tape is designed to securely hold your items in place without leaving any residue or damaging surfaces. With its micro suction technology, you can easily attach it to walls, glass, tiles, and more, making it perfect for home, office, or DIY projects. Whether you're hanging photos, organizing your workspace, or even mounting decorations, EzeAs Fixing Tape offers the versatility and reliability you need. Say goodbye to traditional tapes and adhesives – embrace the future of seamless, reusable, and mess-free bonding with EzeAs Fixing Tape!


EzeAs Fixing Tape 1 Roll, 30mm x 3M total

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EzeAs Fixing Tape 1 x 3M Roll
EzeAs Fixing Tape 1 x 3M Roll Sale price$17.00

Stick anything to ALMOST anything


Introducing EzeAs Fixing Tape, your passport to the world of endless stickiness. Our Fixing Tape is a revolutionary adhesive solution that defies the limits of traditional tape. This high-performance wonder adheres to almost any surface, offering a stronghold for your projects without leaving a trace or residue. Whether you're organizing, decorating, or repairing, EzeAs Fixing Tape's versatility and reusability make it the ultimate choice for all your sticking needs. Say goodbye to messy, weak adhesives, and welcome a cleaner, stronger, and more creative way to stick things together with EzeAs Fixing Tape.

Thousands of potential applications.

The adhesive equivalent of a Mic Drop

Don't waste hundreds of dollars on expensive re-usable hooks or double sided tape that will ruin your walls. A single roll of EzeAs Fixing Tape can save you hundreds of dollars and the application possibilities are endless.

eliminate falls risks by securing your floor mats

The Superhero in your DIY Arsenal

The creative possibilities are endless

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